Upgrade Braddon Park

A group of over 100 residents have joined together to lobby for an upgrade to Braddon Park, a pocket park in Lowanna Street, Braddon. The park has been neglected for many years and does not have facilities to encourage community use.

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In a recent survey 100% of respondents agreed the park is in poor condition. The top 5 priorities of the community are: 

1. Upgrade playground to be more engaging and inclusive, including considerations for disabled people. (61%)

2. Install better lighting. (55%)

3. Improve safety and accessibility of footpaths. (55%)

4. Provide more seating options, such as picnic tables. (52%)

5. Increase biodiversity, such as micro-forest. (49%)

Sign our e-Petition to upgrade Braddon Park

An e-Petition to the Legislative Assembly to ask the ACT Government to upgrade our local park includes the top 5 community requests from last year’s survey of park users. 

Please sign the petition using this link:


Petition closes 29 April 2022. Please share with your friends!

Thank you from Friends of Braddon Parks!

Friends of Braddon Parks – About Us

The Friends of Braddon Parks is a group of 100+ local residents that have noticed that the park is underutilised and infrastructure is inadequate. The usage of the park increased during the recent ACT lockdown period which highlighted the inadequacy of the facilities.

We believe that high density living requires adequate community facilities to make city living a lifestyle choice. There are currently no playgrounds in Braddon other than the one in Braddon Park which is in very poor condition.

We are calling on the Government to provide funding for a community-led upgrade of Braddon Park.

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