The over-arching objective of the Braddon Collective is to seek input from, and work collaboratively with, businesses, landowners, residents and the ACT government to maintain the diverse and vibrant character of Braddon, and enhance the environment for those who live, work and play in Braddon.

Specific objectives are:
– To preserve the character and vibe of the area.
This includes its gritty urban character, its historical elements, its diversity of people and businesses.

– To support traders and maintain the uniqueness of the retail experience This includes independent and creative shops, maintaining affordability for creatives, niche enterprises, and supporting good use of space.

– To maintain its inclusivity for all.
This includes young families and support for the LGBTI+ community.

– To create a more people-friendly and accessible street environment.
For example: more free shared spaces, especially for children and youth; streetscape improvements such as public spaces, seating, ‘greening’ the streets/ urban forest, and public art; increasing foot traffic; enhancing infrastructure and safety for cyclists; enhancing safety for pedestrians crossing the roads; calming traffic and better parking arrangements (including for those with mobility issues); sustainability options.

– To build community and connection through a series of community events.
For example: quality busking, markets, large street party or event, fringe events, small community events, street markets, community art event (e.g. photography, sculptures, murals, chalk art).

– To be connected with the community.