Artist Application


Feel free to upload, or link to, as many examples of your art as you like. Remembering, Braddon Collective are seeking something associated with the loose theme 'Braddon Reimagined' -- whatever you imagine that to be!

The Braddon Collective is looking for artistic ideas for a wall in Braddon on Lonsdale, Mort or Elouera Street. Show us your artistic conception for what we could put on this wall! The theme is ‘Braddon Reimagined’. Payment of up to $3000 on offer. Wall to be transformed will be at least 3 x 3 metres.

Applications close March 8. Successful applicants will have their concepts displayed and voted on by the public — via the Braddon Collective website. Online voting will be held from from March 10 – 22.

The artistic concepts most popular with the public are then put before a panel comprised of the Braddon Collective, at least one selected artist and the property owner(s) of where the art will be displayed. This panel will decide on whose artistic work is chosen. The winning artist will be announced by 23 March.

We look forward to the submissions! We look forward to the art!

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